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Welcome to JVV - Not affiliated to any Political party

Jana Vignana Vedika popularly known as JVV is the largest people’s science movement in Andhra Pradesh. It is not associated to any political party.
      The birth of JVV was a historical necessity. Many student activists and their leaders who were leaning to left ideology started coming out of their educational institutions. It was post emergency period and peak upsurge of student movements.
       The doctors, engineers, advocates mainly teachers and the students from various other faculties came out of their colleges and started pursuing their respective professions. They did not find so much of activism and interaction in their lives when compared to their student days. Hence the socially active groups comprising most of the activists who were not members of any political party started forming local organizations like Abhyudaya Vedika of Nellore, Jana Chaitanya Vedika of Guntur and Kurnool , Andhra Pradesh Vignana Parishath at Hyderabad, Viganana Vedika of Vizayawada, Suryapet Science forum of Suryapet.
         In many informal discussions apart from class and non class struggles these groups started finding a new space in the public; the space being “knowledge hunger” almost all the political and non political groups at that time were not addressing at the level of popularization of science:-dealing with knowledge hunger.

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Objectives of Jana Vignana Vedika:

  1. Popularization of scientific knowledge among the common people and improving the thought of method of science.
  2. Working against the superstitions and wrong traditional ideas through scientific knowledge.
  3. Trying to understand the basic content of various problems that are troubling the people and also trying to find out the solutions.
  4. Trying that the fruits of scientific knowledge reach the common people rather than limited to the few.
  5. Working for: finding truth, national self sufficiency and integrity, world peace, social developments and cultural renaissance.
  6. Keeping in view of the people’s developments that are in various fields and promoting the scientific research.   
  7. Conducting programs accordingly to achieve the above objective.
  8. JVV is not affiliated to any political party.